Sunday, February 26, 2017


Interesting discussion on a Fallacy: Deaf as Economic Burden. When Deaf people are looked upon as someone who needs to be fixed or not normal the cost is much greater. Money is diverted on trying to make them normal through the use of technology, "services", and education. Then trying to fix what the medical model messed up in the first place.

Hearing Aids are EXPENSIVE. Most insurance DOES NOT COVER 1 CENT towards hearing aids. They can be bought with 0% interest loans and you can take YEARS to pay them off and when you do, it's time for new ones. OK, vehicles are MORE expensive, but the idea is there.

It is time to remove the small 'd' from deaf. Why not give dignity to a group of people with common language and history the use of "D"? Check out Deafhood Foundation. I'll warn you, there are transcripts instead of captions, so if you don't know ASL navigation may be mildly trying, but be patient, Deaf people deal with trying videos that have information and no captions DAILY.

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