Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Camera doesn't add 10 lbs. It cuts off the Sign.

SO ASL Here.-- Audism: Understanding Its Meaning and Implications in the Deaf Community shows a panel of people who are Deaf. They talk about their experiences growing up. I like some of the points presented here --
  • We can't wait for people to ask -- the Deaf community must take action. Too many children don't meet Deaf adults who use Sign and are functioning individuals in society. Parents don't see this and often have a negative view or opinion of American Sign Language. This was a major source of frustration for many of the panel.
  • Deaf Spaces -- audism includes functionality -- when a space that is primarily used by Deaf people isn't designed around the needs of the individuals it is supposed to serve.
  • Great video talks about Deaf space at Gallaudet University.
  • Sacredness of deaf spaces. I'm just as guilty of this... When in a "deaf space" Sign Language should be used exclusively -- even between hearing people who know Sign. I need to improve in this area. My wife says "pick a language" either speak and use an interpreter or use Sign. Not both! Everyone knows that if you speak and Sign one of the languages gets inattention to the point that it really isn't intelligible. Often that is the Signed Language.
    Warning: Rant
    Too many times I have seen professional videographers attempt to video a conversation in Sign. It usually works if there is no voice-over. When there is voice over, it is usually a disaster. The producer will cut according to the voice instead of the Signing so you don't get to see the full sentences in SIGN! The NEWS is worse, since they often cut and only use the voice of the interpreter! GAW!! I experienced a little frustration with this video, because the moderator was Signing and speaking at the same time. When an interpreter was used because the hearing people were talking the video focused only on the person talking. Seriously? I was watching the video with the audio off. I had to rewind it, turn on the captioning, and listen. While I recommend this video for the content from the Deaf panel, expect some frustration with the intro. When you make a video about Audism -- teach the camera man and producer to focus on the Signing dialog not the voice over! Rant Over
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